Pool Safety

Keep Your Family Protected

Don’t take any chances with the well-being of your family members if you own a swimming pool. We hear stories about young children drowning or having to be taken to the emergency room because they fell in a pool and were submerged. We can help you take the proper precautions to keep your pool safe for all members of your family.

Penn Valley Pools, LLC can install pool fences, safety nets, safety covers, anti-entrapment equipment, and lifts and ladders that will keep everyone safe in your pool, especially the little ones. Trust us to install gate-locked, child-proof pool fences of any style to keep your young children from wandering unattended into your pool. We also offer safety nets and covers that act as a barrier to keep children out of the water.

Prevent Pool Injuries

Ask the experts at Penn Valley Pools, LLC about anti-entrapment equipment that keeps hair, limbs, and other body parts from being sucked into a pool drain and getting stuck. Our equipment uses a safety vacuum release system to release these body parts from a drain. We also offer pool safety drain covers that prevent powerful drain suction from happening.

If you need pool lifts and ladders, ask Penn Valley Pools, LLC to help install this state-of-the-art feature. Our lifts and ladders can help make sure everyone can easily access your pool, whether they are injured, disabled or elderly. Ask us about any questions you may have on our safety features.