Preventative Maintenance Tips

Did you know that raising the temperature of your pool even one degree can lead to a significant increase in energy costs? Penn Valley Pools, LLC recommends turning your pool heater down when your pool is not in use. This will help save money on energy costs. We also urge you to keep your pool at an optimal temperature to avoid overheating. Temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees for active swimming and 82 to 84 degrees for recreational use are appropriate.

If you’re installing lights for your pool, we recommend energy-efficient Low Voltage LED pool lights. If you have a spa, turn the tub’s temperature down by 3 degrees when not in use to save on heating costs. Also, keep the jets off when your spa is not in use, and keep the spa cover on. These tips and more will help you to maintain an energy-efficient pool or spa that won’t break the bank.